10th- 16th December

Monday- today i handed in my WRL coursework. i made some extra boards as i could not follow the brief exactly like everyone else who was following the booklet. i was really please with the work i handed in, it had samples and a development board to show the problems i went through whilst working for a client.

tuesday- today i have had my presentation with Dave. i had some hand outs and a power point presentation, i had also made notes on my print outs.  i felt leased with my presentation, but to be honest felt a little confused as i had made a presentation and everyone else just seemed to read through there sketchbook. i didn't realise thats all we had to do and felt i wasted my time preparing hand outs and a presentation

wednesday- today i have been preparing my PPD merchandising work, i feel like i am going to struggle to get the work in for tuesday. i think i need to get as much research as possible this week and just write as much as i can about them. I feel like i am at a disadvantage due to making the dress for my client. when everyone else had time to be doing sketchbook work i was dress making. i found that experience so stressful that it really took my mind off everything else. i think after xmas i will really need to get my time management sorted and make sure that i am full aware of what is expected from me for certain subjects. I also really want to invest in a better printer as i find that peoples sketchbooks look better than mine simply due to them having more resources at home.

thursday- today i have spent time on my PPD sketchbook. i am feeling a lot happier about what i will hand in. i have gone for quality over quantity and taken things out of my sketchbook that i dont like and put them into a folder if i do not feel they are needed in my book.

more work done on PPD and FMP.

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