21st - 27th January

Monday- uni was cancelled due to snow.
Tuesday- went through my finished collection. Decided that my 6th outfit was not suitable.
No.6 was too similar to one of the other designs, so I have produced other ideas. Annabel wanted me to come up with a lace over dress!
I looked at different styles and went for a full skirt midi dress in the floral print and have a full length lace v neck low back lace over dress !

I need to find a nice elasticated pink lace. I think something like a knicker trim material will be good! I will go to Bombay stores in bradford to find my material!
I also need to buy more of my floral print for my min outfits.

I found a beautiful pastel green cotton fabric for a shirt, collars, cuffs and waspy!
I'm really excited to get on and start making my pieces.

The rest of the week I spent doing illustrations of my final collection.

I also had a dissertation meeting, I need to work on my introduction, and my chapters for my dissertation. I am struggling with this as I feel like it is hard to prioritise over my FMP but I need to make time for my Diss and organise my time better.

14th - 20th January

This week I have spent focussing on my FMP and Dissertation.

So my final major project I have worked on building my sketchbook and organising all my new samples into my appropriate research. I have enjoyed doing this as I feel like my designs are working really well and linking together.
The other thing I have been doing with my sketchbook is doing further developments. I had designs chosen by Annabel before I left for Christmas so I started looking into making my designs more detailed and thinking about how the garments would work. It did mean i simplified some of my designs but I do think with the floral, paint and pastel trend running through my collection I can get away with having some more simpler designs.
I had not got a final op outfit chosen for my collection when I left and looking through my designs I really wanted a nice simple day dress. I wanted this because I kept thinking of designs like DVF who made her simple wrap dress a iconic statement and a dress that could be worn as an elegant piece or as a classy day look. I think that I really nice pattern could make the dress look really timeless and think it would be a good central piece to build all my other outfits off on the catwalk.
I think it will work well with the other outfits :)

My dissertation has been really getting to me over the holidays, I must have re done my proposal 500 times. I have re done my proposal this week and is HOPEFULLY a final attempt!
I changed my question a couple of weeks ago, then I decided to change the aim and a few things around. The main thing for me was looking at the presentation and my grammar. I feel like I have made a big effort to correct this and I am happy with the end result. Next week I have a meeting with the learning mentor, and a meeting with Heidi to go over my dissertation. I have spent a lot of time planning and structuring how I want my diss to be. I can not start writing it properly until I feel I have a clear structure and direction for the essay. I'm hoping that what I have worked on this week and began to get a structure in place will be okayed by both mentor and tutor and then I can begin drafting it out. I am really worried about my lit review and my Harvard referencing. Something I want to go over in my meetings.

7th - 13th January

This week I handed in my PPD. I felt like I had worked hard on my sketchbook as I did feel confused with the brief and do not really understand re doing the whole business card thing for a 3rd year but however I did make some nice marketing things and I think I produced a good sketchbook that was well laid out and easy to understand.

As well as handing in my PPD this week was a brilliant week for my FMP.
I did samples of paint splashed fabric. I did only use watercolour and I do love that because it gives a really delicate pastel sort of effect on the fabric, however I understand this owls not be practical if you wanted to wash the garment because it would wash off. So when I am back at uni and have a larger work space I will use acrylic paint watered down but when acrylic dries on fabric it is meant to be permanent, however I am dubious because like I said I would be watering it down to get the effect I want. I don't want to be using thick paint and essentially leaving blobs on the fabric but be putting delicate splashes into the material.

I have practiced the effect on some Devore, some lighter sheen fabric and some cotton which I will probably use on some of my outfits.
I have also practiced cuffs. I have really liked the elastic aged cuffs and using a delicate cuff with maybe some lace of netting trim on, I don't want to use a conventional cuff that is found on most shirts, I think it is nice to have a trim that coordinates with the collar but is not a big cuff like on a traditional shirt.

31st-6th January

This week i have been working on my PPD in order to hand in next week. 
I have put all my research in to a sketchbook and started annotate my work i plan on finishing this by the end of the week.
i am really pleased wth my work for PPD and i think i have found a really good base to start my professional identity.

i am pleased with the look of my work and the font. 
i am going to hand my work in and carry on with my dissertation work. I have 3 weeks to get a first draft of my dissertation done now, and also i need to work on my FMP.
i feel like i have a lot more time to do it though as i have quite my job to help with my studies. I am however hoping that my loan comes on time as i will not be able to get to college till my loans in!

these are lots of images for my FMP that i have been working on.

i have also started making a few samples for sleeves!
i like the idea of using elastic as it gives a nice rooshing effect and will look nice on sheer fabrics

24th- 30th December

Being honest this week i have not really done too much. I have collated a lot of research work for my PPD sketchbook and also have been printing and collecting images for my FMP.

i have been looking at pastels and paint.

i really like pastels, they are feminine and pretty. the idea of the paint is also fun because it means i can essentially make my own fabric patterns

i also had an idea to make a video for my show. 
i would like to have close ups of my shirts/dresses and have beautiful women wearing them looking really posh, then one woman in my finale  dress rip off her  necklace and  start dancing whilst being splattered with paint!!
i would like this to then coincide with the catwalk show and have my finale piece walk down as the video showed the dress being splattered. i think it would create a really good dramatic effect and maybe even could pause for a moment before bringing out the finale dress. I would love to do this and want to start looking for some film students and models who would be willing to help me out!

17th-23rd December

Monday- today i have had a FMP meeting with annabel and julie. i am pleased with how it went because i have got 5 final designs out of 6.  i am pleased with the work i handed in for WRL.
i love the dress that i did for Trish... i am glad that i did the dress but i did find it a lot of work on top of trying to do my PPD.

Tuesday- With my PPD work i have spoke to Dave and had a deadline extended due to being behind on a lot of my work. i have to get my work in for the first week of january and i am stressed about it because i have a lot of dissertation work to do and also have to get my FMP sketchbook finished.