26th - 2nd December

Monday - i could not get into college due to the floods. I spent some time at home getting my FMP sketchbook up to scratch, i want to really focus on getting some final sketches done this week so next week i can finish my blocks and get thinking of my FMP.

Tuesday- it was self directed study this morning, but before i set off in the morning i got an email off Dave and the afternoon lesson was cancelled, he has stated we have a presentation next week on our materail for my static show, i am going to spend this weekend getting a presentation together with some examples and props.
I am thinking of having my ipad set up on slideshow on my portfolio (current) so people have a visual whilst i am talking.

Thursday- today is the day we would of been in for an hour with Karen but everyone was texting saying they werent going to go in, usually its me and sophie who make it in so when i checked with her and she wasnt going i thought it was best not to waste petrol and get on with my PPD pres at home.

next thursday however i want to complete a flat for my WRL5.

19th- 25th November

This week i have made the over skirt by layering organza and making a taffeta belt. i went to Remnant house in Harrogate and bought some very strong skirt clips. I have altered the bodice and taken nearly 3" out of the back of the bodice and re laid the rolo loops. i have also pulled the bodice panel in further to make sure there is no more gaping. I have added more crystals to the bodice and the over skirt. I have also glued feathers round the bottom of the overskirt to create a beautiful train. I am really pleased with my finished outcome.

Saturday I went to Cheshire and the dress fit perfect, i did her hair and make up for the event, hear are some pictures from the do and from the daily mail on the Sunday...

12th - 18th November

Today i have been making my bodice pattern up out of my chosen material, i need the dress to be finished by Wednesday the 21st so i want to take a bodice down to trish this wednesday that i can alter if needed but then continue with attaching the skirt and overskirt.

The bodice i found difficult to put together as it was to Trishas unique shape.

Tuesday- I have continued making the bodice today, I have also made a start on the skirt and its lining, i have only cut one piece for the skirt and have a zip tacked in. The skirt i have attached to the bodice to see how it fits. I found it really hard putting rolo loops and boning into the lining of the bodice.
Tuesday night i have spent glueing gems to the bodice.

Wednesday- Today i went to Cheshire to see how the fit of my underskirt and bodice went. The bodice was still slightly too gapey at the top. i need to put another dart in it, and although the bodice fit it was a perfect fit and with another week to go when my client is loosing weight i want to take some more out of the back so that it can be pulled in and made more flattering on the bust and tummy. The skirt was a good fit but just needs the back darts taking out of it to be a better fit around her bum.

The rest of the week i have sourced my organza for the rest of the train. I have ordered 8metres of purple and 2metres of black. I want to have the dress finished by next wednesday as her do is on the Saturday.

5th - 11th November

monday- today i made a final bodice. i have put the alterations in so that tomorrow if anything needs to be altered it can, i have made the bodice bigger rather than smaller.
i have also chosen my material, a purple lining which i will double up for the under skirt and a beautiful purple silk taffeta for the bodice. i have ordered feathers and sequins from ebay, sequins for the bodice and feathers for the train.

i have got purple sequin glue for the train and black glitter to put on over any showing glue. i have experimented with beads, glitter, sequins on a silk material, i have decided to embellish the dress with crystals by hand with glue.

Tuesday- Today was my proposal deadline day. I have put together a quick proposal, i have been unsure of my chosen question and i am looking forward to feedback from heidi to see where i can improve.

I have also thought more about my FMP this week.
I have decided to look at androgynous items and make them feminine by use of material, colour and shape. I have thought about making my collection around the shirt dress.
different lengths, sheer fabrics, wasps/corsets, pastel colours, funky collars and use of fastenings.

Wednesday- I have been to see trisha and we have a few alterations, she is now LOOSING weight, i have decided to take the zip out and corset the back. what was a perfect fit with the bodice i have now decided to alter due to her rapid weight loss for the event. I want to take some out of the bodice and add rolo loops and ribbon so it is adjustable.
The colours were all great, she did NOT like the jersey so we are sticking with the purple lining. The cleavage was not low enough so we are cutting into that again. I want to by next week take her a finished bodice to try. The bust did need pulling in so we will have to put darts in the side panels to stop the bust from gaping.

1st - 4th November

I have been on holiday and have drafted a dissertation and some questions which i have sent ot Heidi.

My main focus for the next few weeks is that i get the dress for Trisha finalised. I am going down this coming wednesday for a final fitting as my client has been gaining weight.

I have altered my final designs, we have made the bodice bigger, the skirt bigger & the central panel has been added with a deep V for more cleavage.

i have been experimenting with a jersey skirt, this will be for comfort and i have dyed the fabric i would use with a machine dye.

15th-21st October

Monday- Today i have done a basic bodice for Trisha, I have looked at my design and made a sample to take down tomorrow to see how the fit of the bodice will be.
I found the bodice quite difficult because it is on so many parts.

Tuesday- Today i have travelled down to Cheshire to fit the bodice. The bodice was too small, i need to add an extra panel, the front trish also wanted more cleavage showing. The bodice is meant to have a zip in but she is gaining weight so im not sure how i will manage this?

I am going on holiday till the 31st of October and will focus on my dissertation whilst away.

8th- 14th October

Monday- made bodice, finished off skirt block.

again looked at images for Rio carnival and also photos for FMP
got iconic people, Marleena Detrich, Gretta Garbot, Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, Tilda Swinton

Tuesday- No Heidi today, Dave at 1pm, Harvard Referencing. Research copyright
Harvard Referencing - learn more online, offline, books.

I need to do some fabric sampling for my FMP and my WRL.
Choose final colour fabric and experiment with some embellishment.

referencing---- neilstoolbox.com HRR generator.

I had a tutorial with Dave, to check where i am with my CV and ppd work.
now decided on a e-portfolio with professional images on.

I need to do an essay of 500 words on looking into ethics within my chosen field.

1st- 7th October

Monday- today i have done my basic bodice block and sleeve block with julie
i have had a group discussion in the afternoon about our FMP, i have also had a tutorial.
i have also thought about using boning instead of corsetry for ease and quickness

I have gone over my dissertation.. keywords from today:
androgyny- sexuality- icons- fashion- society- politics- music- history

i started my proposal drafts
i also updated my CV

Tuesday- today i have looked on ebay for feathers for the dress. i have thought about questions for my dissertation today. How has androgyny changed fashion? How are androgynous people perceived now?
need to look at Jo Suttles dissertation.

Wednesday- critical analysis
document your analysis research, look into marketing tools for exhibition space.
i am thinking of looking at how to market myself for my static show for the end of year shows.
I would also like to look at creating an album on my ipad as a professional portfolio to be able to tak eto interviews and ofr clients to be able to view. i think this is very important because now a days tablets are a great marketing tool for potential employers.

Thursday- i have looked at fabric stores for my material for my WRL5 dress.
bombay stores 01274 729 993, silk fabrics F838-1 F840-1
We have decided on a purple theme for the dress. another fabric store i could look at is The Shuttle BD17 7AA

24th - 30th September

I really want to focus on my CAD skills this term and get more comfortable with the software before i have to do my illustrations for FMP.
I want to try get the software in January so i can practice. I feel like i lost some marks on my illustration boards last year so helping my illustrations and technical flats by practice will hopefully improve my grade.

Monday- today i have spent time doing blocks with Julie and perfecting my pattern cutting.

Tuesday- Intro into my dissertation with Heidi
dissertation change into a question by tuesday 6th November
Resources and theory, think of who i need to talk to ?
continue with mind maps.
think about sending work to learning mentors

for the arguments in my dissertation we were recommended to think of an episode of Jeremy kyle... why are they there?

Dave PPD5
today we have focussed on reflective practice (learning progress)
inaction reflection (immediate )
Onaction (reflection after the event)
mode, questions to help with these reflections...
what?\ so what?\ now what?
i need to think about updating my CV\ cover letter\ references

Thursday- today i have updated my CV and worked on a cover letter
i have some letters and reviews that i did for a company over summer which i am going to include in my PPD5 as they are all professional developments

17th -23rd Septmeber

Monday- enrolment day

Tuesday- i went through dress designs today with my cliant for WRL5.
My challenge is to create a dress with Tricia for an event in November a Rio Carnival Ball

Finished a mind map for my work on dissertation... i have decided to do a dissertation on Androgyny.

Wednesday- worked again on designs for the gem ball, got a basic final design done, will need to go over this with Annabel.
main design important to trish is that the dress is short at the front and long at the back.

I have a meeting with client tomorrow, need to establish:
dress shape
bra size
size of bodice
take a dress of trishas for guide on size

Thursday- Today i have made a few final alterations to my design. The final design is finished. I have got all my info needed for the measurements. I have worked on drawings for the dress.
i am trying to get my drawings more accurate. I want to spend some time with karen working on my CAD.