6th - May - 11th May

  This week I have finalised everything for my shoot i have confirmed:

VENUE- Rudding park

Photographers- Gina / Charlotte/ Ged

Models- Bonnie / Charlotte R / Jenna / Dahlia

Hair and Make up - Bonnie

Runners - Ben / Ginas assistant

Director - Annabel / myself

Florist - Emmas home and Garden, Baildon

  I am so excited about my shoot i keep literally getting an adrenaline! I have been to see it on Wednesday with Annabel and e have some great locations, I have checked the weather forecast and through till like 7pm it is meant to be sunny so fingers crossed for that!

  I have finished off 4 more dresses  this week, I have also made 3 basques & all my head dresses and hair pieces.  I had a meeting on bank holiday Monday with  the hair and make up lady and have decided on our looks, it is all very natural and girly which is nice for the shoot.  The florist had some amazing ideas for flowers too that fit really nicely with the colour scheme and head pieces/ basques etc.

  I have had to buy more flowers and haberdashery this week in order to finish all the garments off.  I am really looking forward to the shoot and will blog a post separately for the shoot.

shoot locations and garments:

29th April - 5th May

This week was a great week for me, i handed in all my PPD work on the Monday! Getting one subject out the way before the rest was a good feeling! I think i should have done a lot better than previous PPD marks. I got really into this subject and enjoyed creating a viable business it was fun.

  I had my presentation for FRASSY on monday as well, I used this as an opportunity to get feedback on my website, i feel like this was really helpful, it has made me make some minor adjustments to my site.  I am really looking forward to getting my shoot done on the 12th and having an image on the homepage from my own collection.

  I have got a lot of work done this week, I have really started with my collection and have managed to get 3 full outfits finished bar button holes & buttons.  I will do all of them next week with julie.  I think I will be able to finish all my work before my shoot due to everything being from the same patterns.  This has really helped me to keep a concise collection.
  I have managed to get my venue booked this week... RUDDING PARK!
I am really excited about the venue and just need to confirm everything else i.e., photographers, models etc.  One model has already cancelled on me before Rudding confirmed this was very frustrating.

  I have an appointment next wednesday with Chris to show me round the venue and get a feel of the location and get some shoots in my mind.