29th April - 5th May

This week was a great week for me, i handed in all my PPD work on the Monday! Getting one subject out the way before the rest was a good feeling! I think i should have done a lot better than previous PPD marks. I got really into this subject and enjoyed creating a viable business it was fun.

  I had my presentation for FRASSY on monday as well, I used this as an opportunity to get feedback on my website, i feel like this was really helpful, it has made me make some minor adjustments to my site.  I am really looking forward to getting my shoot done on the 12th and having an image on the homepage from my own collection.

  I have got a lot of work done this week, I have really started with my collection and have managed to get 3 full outfits finished bar button holes & buttons.  I will do all of them next week with julie.  I think I will be able to finish all my work before my shoot due to everything being from the same patterns.  This has really helped me to keep a concise collection.
  I have managed to get my venue booked this week... RUDDING PARK!
I am really excited about the venue and just need to confirm everything else i.e., photographers, models etc.  One model has already cancelled on me before Rudding confirmed this was very frustrating.

  I have an appointment next wednesday with Chris to show me round the venue and get a feel of the location and get some shoots in my mind.

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