22nd - 28th april

this week i have finished off my ppd work as it is hand in date next week.  i feel really proud of my work for ppd this term i have put a lot of time and effort into this project.  i am really proud of the work i have produced and i feel like i know so much more about setting up a business and how i will afford things and budget for stock now, it has really helped.

I have finished two more pairs of trousers this week, i am really pleased with the progression of my collection. i have now finished my first outfit and have a pair of trousers for another i aim for next week to have a second outfit finished and feel like i will be able to work from home a few days as i have had my sewing machine fixed last week, this makes me feel alot happier with the deadlines.  i think i will focus on finishing off my wrl folder on an evening, i dont have that much to do for it, i just have the fashion show roles to fill in.

I am getting really excited for my wrl hand in and my collection to be finished, i cant believe how quickly this year has gone! it is very scary but i am excited, i have found out about exhibiting my collection at the great yorkshire show aswell so that will be really fun! i am, hoping exhibiting here i can get some flyers set up and be able to offer a discount code on them, this will mean i will get more followers, and more people from all over the country being able to look at my site.

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