24th- 30th December

Being honest this week i have not really done too much. I have collated a lot of research work for my PPD sketchbook and also have been printing and collecting images for my FMP.

i have been looking at pastels and paint.

i really like pastels, they are feminine and pretty. the idea of the paint is also fun because it means i can essentially make my own fabric patterns

i also had an idea to make a video for my show. 
i would like to have close ups of my shirts/dresses and have beautiful women wearing them looking really posh, then one woman in my finale  dress rip off her  necklace and  start dancing whilst being splattered with paint!!
i would like this to then coincide with the catwalk show and have my finale piece walk down as the video showed the dress being splattered. i think it would create a really good dramatic effect and maybe even could pause for a moment before bringing out the finale dress. I would love to do this and want to start looking for some film students and models who would be willing to help me out!

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