7th - 13th January

This week I handed in my PPD. I felt like I had worked hard on my sketchbook as I did feel confused with the brief and do not really understand re doing the whole business card thing for a 3rd year but however I did make some nice marketing things and I think I produced a good sketchbook that was well laid out and easy to understand.

As well as handing in my PPD this week was a brilliant week for my FMP.
I did samples of paint splashed fabric. I did only use watercolour and I do love that because it gives a really delicate pastel sort of effect on the fabric, however I understand this owls not be practical if you wanted to wash the garment because it would wash off. So when I am back at uni and have a larger work space I will use acrylic paint watered down but when acrylic dries on fabric it is meant to be permanent, however I am dubious because like I said I would be watering it down to get the effect I want. I don't want to be using thick paint and essentially leaving blobs on the fabric but be putting delicate splashes into the material.

I have practiced the effect on some Devore, some lighter sheen fabric and some cotton which I will probably use on some of my outfits.
I have also practiced cuffs. I have really liked the elastic aged cuffs and using a delicate cuff with maybe some lace of netting trim on, I don't want to use a conventional cuff that is found on most shirts, I think it is nice to have a trim that coordinates with the collar but is not a big cuff like on a traditional shirt.

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