14th - 20th January

This week I have spent focussing on my FMP and Dissertation.

So my final major project I have worked on building my sketchbook and organising all my new samples into my appropriate research. I have enjoyed doing this as I feel like my designs are working really well and linking together.
The other thing I have been doing with my sketchbook is doing further developments. I had designs chosen by Annabel before I left for Christmas so I started looking into making my designs more detailed and thinking about how the garments would work. It did mean i simplified some of my designs but I do think with the floral, paint and pastel trend running through my collection I can get away with having some more simpler designs.
I had not got a final op outfit chosen for my collection when I left and looking through my designs I really wanted a nice simple day dress. I wanted this because I kept thinking of designs like DVF who made her simple wrap dress a iconic statement and a dress that could be worn as an elegant piece or as a classy day look. I think that I really nice pattern could make the dress look really timeless and think it would be a good central piece to build all my other outfits off on the catwalk.
I think it will work well with the other outfits :)

My dissertation has been really getting to me over the holidays, I must have re done my proposal 500 times. I have re done my proposal this week and is HOPEFULLY a final attempt!
I changed my question a couple of weeks ago, then I decided to change the aim and a few things around. The main thing for me was looking at the presentation and my grammar. I feel like I have made a big effort to correct this and I am happy with the end result. Next week I have a meeting with the learning mentor, and a meeting with Heidi to go over my dissertation. I have spent a lot of time planning and structuring how I want my diss to be. I can not start writing it properly until I feel I have a clear structure and direction for the essay. I'm hoping that what I have worked on this week and began to get a structure in place will be okayed by both mentor and tutor and then I can begin drafting it out. I am really worried about my lit review and my Harvard referencing. Something I want to go over in my meetings.

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