21st - 27th January

Monday- uni was cancelled due to snow.
Tuesday- went through my finished collection. Decided that my 6th outfit was not suitable.
No.6 was too similar to one of the other designs, so I have produced other ideas. Annabel wanted me to come up with a lace over dress!
I looked at different styles and went for a full skirt midi dress in the floral print and have a full length lace v neck low back lace over dress !

I need to find a nice elasticated pink lace. I think something like a knicker trim material will be good! I will go to Bombay stores in bradford to find my material!
I also need to buy more of my floral print for my min outfits.

I found a beautiful pastel green cotton fabric for a shirt, collars, cuffs and waspy!
I'm really excited to get on and start making my pieces.

The rest of the week I spent doing illustrations of my final collection.

I also had a dissertation meeting, I need to work on my introduction, and my chapters for my dissertation. I am struggling with this as I feel like it is hard to prioritise over my FMP but I need to make time for my Diss and organise my time better.

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