31st-6th January

This week i have been working on my PPD in order to hand in next week. 
I have put all my research in to a sketchbook and started annotate my work i plan on finishing this by the end of the week.
i am really pleased wth my work for PPD and i think i have found a really good base to start my professional identity.

i am pleased with the look of my work and the font. 
i am going to hand my work in and carry on with my dissertation work. I have 3 weeks to get a first draft of my dissertation done now, and also i need to work on my FMP.
i feel like i have a lot more time to do it though as i have quite my job to help with my studies. I am however hoping that my loan comes on time as i will not be able to get to college till my loans in!

these are lots of images for my FMP that i have been working on.

i have also started making a few samples for sleeves!
i like the idea of using elastic as it gives a nice rooshing effect and will look nice on sheer fabrics

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