15th - 21st april

I have really enjoyed being back at uni this week, i have made my first shirt, and finished my ppd folder.

i have discussed with dave what i need to do and i need to just organise my tasks and get a smaller business folder set up.  i am really pleased with my progress through ppd and my organisation i am hoping that this improvement will reflect in my grade.

My shirt is looking really cute i had to edit my collar as annabel wanted me to make my lace trim in the collar frilly instead of straight. it does look nicer now i have redone it and i am really glad that annabel was able to help me with attaching my collar and cuffs, i feel like it will be easier for me to get on with the res of my shirts, i think after my next one i will of got the hang of the techniques of shirt making.

I have sorted out my images for my PPD presentation this week.  i need to do my reflection essay but other than that my wrl and ppd folders are nearly done.

i have started getting nervous about doing my cad flats for my technical file, however most of my collection is the same so i should be able to get my flats done quite quickly once i get a basic shape.

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