25th march- 31st march

I have chose my fabric this week, i have actually chose some cotton material that is used in bed spreads for my floral print shirt dresses and trousers, i have also chose a pastel cotton englaise for the individual shirt tops.  i have picked a lovely bright pink lace for an over dress and a pair of trousers.

i have been working on my ppd usp and i have decided on my slogan: exuberant fashion for the fresh and the sassy, this links with my brand     Frassy!

I have been working on my website on wix and i am really excited to launch it in june now. I fee like i have the look set up but i am nervous about adding products. i am nervous because it is quite difficult to add products and i would not want to put any wrong info on, i want it to be really professional and i am nervous of messing something up.

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