1st- 7th October

Monday- today i have done my basic bodice block and sleeve block with julie
i have had a group discussion in the afternoon about our FMP, i have also had a tutorial.
i have also thought about using boning instead of corsetry for ease and quickness

I have gone over my dissertation.. keywords from today:
androgyny- sexuality- icons- fashion- society- politics- music- history

i started my proposal drafts
i also updated my CV

Tuesday- today i have looked on ebay for feathers for the dress. i have thought about questions for my dissertation today. How has androgyny changed fashion? How are androgynous people perceived now?
need to look at Jo Suttles dissertation.

Wednesday- critical analysis
document your analysis research, look into marketing tools for exhibition space.
i am thinking of looking at how to market myself for my static show for the end of year shows.
I would also like to look at creating an album on my ipad as a professional portfolio to be able to tak eto interviews and ofr clients to be able to view. i think this is very important because now a days tablets are a great marketing tool for potential employers.

Thursday- i have looked at fabric stores for my material for my WRL5 dress.
bombay stores 01274 729 993, silk fabrics F838-1 F840-1
We have decided on a purple theme for the dress. another fabric store i could look at is The Shuttle BD17 7AA

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