17th -23rd Septmeber

Monday- enrolment day

Tuesday- i went through dress designs today with my cliant for WRL5.
My challenge is to create a dress with Tricia for an event in November a Rio Carnival Ball

Finished a mind map for my work on dissertation... i have decided to do a dissertation on Androgyny.

Wednesday- worked again on designs for the gem ball, got a basic final design done, will need to go over this with Annabel.
main design important to trish is that the dress is short at the front and long at the back.

I have a meeting with client tomorrow, need to establish:
dress shape
bra size
size of bodice
take a dress of trishas for guide on size

Thursday- Today i have made a few final alterations to my design. The final design is finished. I have got all my info needed for the measurements. I have worked on drawings for the dress.
i am trying to get my drawings more accurate. I want to spend some time with karen working on my CAD.

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