26th - 2nd December

Monday - i could not get into college due to the floods. I spent some time at home getting my FMP sketchbook up to scratch, i want to really focus on getting some final sketches done this week so next week i can finish my blocks and get thinking of my FMP.

Tuesday- it was self directed study this morning, but before i set off in the morning i got an email off Dave and the afternoon lesson was cancelled, he has stated we have a presentation next week on our materail for my static show, i am going to spend this weekend getting a presentation together with some examples and props.
I am thinking of having my ipad set up on slideshow on my portfolio (current) so people have a visual whilst i am talking.

Thursday- today is the day we would of been in for an hour with Karen but everyone was texting saying they werent going to go in, usually its me and sophie who make it in so when i checked with her and she wasnt going i thought it was best not to waste petrol and get on with my PPD pres at home.

next thursday however i want to complete a flat for my WRL5.

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