5th - 11th November

monday- today i made a final bodice. i have put the alterations in so that tomorrow if anything needs to be altered it can, i have made the bodice bigger rather than smaller.
i have also chosen my material, a purple lining which i will double up for the under skirt and a beautiful purple silk taffeta for the bodice. i have ordered feathers and sequins from ebay, sequins for the bodice and feathers for the train.

i have got purple sequin glue for the train and black glitter to put on over any showing glue. i have experimented with beads, glitter, sequins on a silk material, i have decided to embellish the dress with crystals by hand with glue.

Tuesday- Today was my proposal deadline day. I have put together a quick proposal, i have been unsure of my chosen question and i am looking forward to feedback from heidi to see where i can improve.

I have also thought more about my FMP this week.
I have decided to look at androgynous items and make them feminine by use of material, colour and shape. I have thought about making my collection around the shirt dress.
different lengths, sheer fabrics, wasps/corsets, pastel colours, funky collars and use of fastenings.

Wednesday- I have been to see trisha and we have a few alterations, she is now LOOSING weight, i have decided to take the zip out and corset the back. what was a perfect fit with the bodice i have now decided to alter due to her rapid weight loss for the event. I want to take some out of the bodice and add rolo loops and ribbon so it is adjustable.
The colours were all great, she did NOT like the jersey so we are sticking with the purple lining. The cleavage was not low enough so we are cutting into that again. I want to by next week take her a finished bodice to try. The bust did need pulling in so we will have to put darts in the side panels to stop the bust from gaping.

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