12th - 18th November

Today i have been making my bodice pattern up out of my chosen material, i need the dress to be finished by Wednesday the 21st so i want to take a bodice down to trish this wednesday that i can alter if needed but then continue with attaching the skirt and overskirt.

The bodice i found difficult to put together as it was to Trishas unique shape.

Tuesday- I have continued making the bodice today, I have also made a start on the skirt and its lining, i have only cut one piece for the skirt and have a zip tacked in. The skirt i have attached to the bodice to see how it fits. I found it really hard putting rolo loops and boning into the lining of the bodice.
Tuesday night i have spent glueing gems to the bodice.

Wednesday- Today i went to Cheshire to see how the fit of my underskirt and bodice went. The bodice was still slightly too gapey at the top. i need to put another dart in it, and although the bodice fit it was a perfect fit and with another week to go when my client is loosing weight i want to take some more out of the back so that it can be pulled in and made more flattering on the bust and tummy. The skirt was a good fit but just needs the back darts taking out of it to be a better fit around her bum.

The rest of the week i have sourced my organza for the rest of the train. I have ordered 8metres of purple and 2metres of black. I want to have the dress finished by next wednesday as her do is on the Saturday.

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