8th- 14th October

Monday- made bodice, finished off skirt block.

again looked at images for Rio carnival and also photos for FMP
got iconic people, Marleena Detrich, Gretta Garbot, Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, Tilda Swinton

Tuesday- No Heidi today, Dave at 1pm, Harvard Referencing. Research copyright
Harvard Referencing - learn more online, offline, books.

I need to do some fabric sampling for my FMP and my WRL.
Choose final colour fabric and experiment with some embellishment.

referencing---- neilstoolbox.com HRR generator.

I had a tutorial with Dave, to check where i am with my CV and ppd work.
now decided on a e-portfolio with professional images on.

I need to do an essay of 500 words on looking into ethics within my chosen field.

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