24th - 30th September

I really want to focus on my CAD skills this term and get more comfortable with the software before i have to do my illustrations for FMP.
I want to try get the software in January so i can practice. I feel like i lost some marks on my illustration boards last year so helping my illustrations and technical flats by practice will hopefully improve my grade.

Monday- today i have spent time doing blocks with Julie and perfecting my pattern cutting.

Tuesday- Intro into my dissertation with Heidi
dissertation change into a question by tuesday 6th November
Resources and theory, think of who i need to talk to ?
continue with mind maps.
think about sending work to learning mentors

for the arguments in my dissertation we were recommended to think of an episode of Jeremy kyle... why are they there?

Dave PPD5
today we have focussed on reflective practice (learning progress)
inaction reflection (immediate )
Onaction (reflection after the event)
mode, questions to help with these reflections...
what?\ so what?\ now what?
i need to think about updating my CV\ cover letter\ references

Thursday- today i have updated my CV and worked on a cover letter
i have some letters and reviews that i did for a company over summer which i am going to include in my PPD5 as they are all professional developments

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